Misson and Vision

Visions of Joseph towards education.

Mission & Vision of
Joseph High School & I.Joseph P.School

  1. To provide education to all children.
  2. To provide value based education to build up character.
  3. To provide education to help proper acquired useful knowledge and culture.
  4. To prepare individuals skilled member for the society.
  5. To impart pragmatic education for school foundation of moral, ethical and scientific plans.
  6. To prepare qualified, responsible and skilled generation on the basis of quality education.
  7. To conduct research activities to support overall development of students.
  8. To enable every student realize for one's duty, discipline and devotion.
  9. To provide social responsibilities comprehensive perspective and active academic community.
  10. To create an awareness among the students about the preservation of the environment, the danger of drugs and the need for a good health.
  11. To enable leadership qualities in students
  12. To make children creative, competitive and disciplined.
  13. To make sisterly relationship with renowned school abroad.
  14. To provide private students scholarship programmes with the help of different NGOs and INGOs abroad.
  15. To run College keeping co-ordination with different educational Institutions abroad.
  16. To extend the school as a research center.
  17. To conduct Teachers' training and publish own latest curricular materials.
  18. To encourage ignored community people for equal education opportunity providing scholarship.
  19. To encourage students to involve in the different creative activities in the peaceful environment.